Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Etsy Tuesday - An Unkindness of Ravens

If you hadn't noticed, I happen to like birds. And I've been on a bit of a raven kick lately. I'm still pretty upset about never again being able to find that awesome "Omnivore" raven lunch bag I liked so much, but these other things I found while searching are pretty cool too.

Yes, I know some of them are actually crows. Shh!

Take to the Wind - 5x5 ...

Reverence For Raven Cha...

Nevermore Raven Wax Sea...

SALE Raven Crop Jacket

CROWS (4) - Wall STENCI...

Raven with Black Spruce...

The Raven... a white de...

3D Bronze Raven Claw Pe...

FOUR Bird on a Branch S...

Raven Messenger Bag

Nevermore Tie

Neo Victorian Woodland ...

Baby raven among forget...

Leather Raven Tail Feat...

Raven Soul Totem Goddes...

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  1. I love all of these things, especially the neo victorian woodland necklace!
    I've been loving things with stags on recently

  2. Raven tail feather hair stick.. wicked.


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