Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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I hope everyone is having an awesome 2011 so far. I know everyone and their mom is doing resolution posts right now, and after some thought I decided to do one as well.

I didn't make any resolutions for 2010. The past two and a half years have been really rough on me, starting with moving to Galveston Island just in time for Hurricane Ike to wipe out my apartment and some of my belongings and proceeding through a series of accidents and incidents - totaled Jeep, broken toe, unpleasant roommates with creepy stalker boyfriends, the illness and death of my father, et cetera. However, I think I've finally found a couple of handholds on the slippery slope I've been careening down and, while things are sort of stable, I have a few things I'd like to work on.

1. Get back into derby. I had a really difficult time with roller derby initially, because I'm not that good at it. I got my feelings hurt a few times, and with everything else going on I didn't feel like it was good for my state of mind to keep trying to do something it didn't seem like I could succeed at. I never totally quit, however, because I love the sport and the people and the whole spirit of it, and there's not a day that goes by that I don't think of it.

2. Get fit. No, seriously. A lot of people make this resolution for no real reason, or to try to drop the handful of vanity pounds they gained through the annual gorge-fest that is Halloween through New Years. But part of the reason I suck at derby is because my cardiovascular fitness is so poor - my legs can keep moving but my lungs get tired. So I need to improve that just to get better at derby.

3. Get back into bellydancing. Before I wore roller skates, I wore a hip scarf, and bellydancing was my biggest hobby. It's something else that used to make me happy and that I think of all the time. It's just so expensive to take lessons, but I'm going to try!

4. Work on creative projects. I'm an artist who never does art. I can draw really well, I just... don't. I've also been trying to learn to knit for, oh, five or six years now. I'll put some serious effort into it.

5. Get a full time job. Right now I have two part-time jobs, both of which are in education. I like them both, but they pay very little and don't offer any benefits. By next autumn, I want to be the teacher of record in my very own science class.

6. Stop eating in the car. I drop stuff and it makes a mess. No more!

Okay, these are my resolutions for right now. I have some other things that I really need to keep on, like trying to tackle my finances and keeping my place tidy, but honestly I think this is as much as I can handle right now. Maybe next month, assuming I'm attending speed skate regularly and knitting before bed, I'll get on all the other stuff. But life is kind of like a puzzle, and if you can take care of the corners, the really important stuff in the middle becomes easier to figure out.

Oh, and keep up with the blog, of course! Haha. :) I love you guys.

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