Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow snow, go away

Yet another snow day! The roads don't seem to bad today, so hopefully schools will be open tomorrow.

I was talking with the librarian at the school where I work (doing an after-school program) and she was telling me about all the budget cuts and teacher layoffs our district has planned. I was really hoping to get a full time teaching position next year, but I'm not feeling confident that it is going to happen.

A few weeks ago I made a "collection" on Polyvore of what I might wear if I were a teacher. I know that a lot of teachers dress really casually, but I think that looking more polished shows how important the job is to you. At the same time I'd want to incorporate my personal style with colorful and patterned tights, fun shoes, weird brooches, and jewelry derived from fossils and animal bones. Okay, so I know it's a touch of goth, but I really have been a little obsessed with animal bones ever since I took a Mammalogy course in college. You can learn so much about an animal from their skeleton!

This set was inspired by someone I saw on a street style blog, but after I made it I realized Hillary actually rocks the shirt dress and houndstooth sweater combo all the time!

The other three sets in my collection follow the jump:

This is the first set I made, so you can see that it's a little less creative, though it still incorporates a fossil statement ring.

This one is probably my favorite, because I've been in love with that hummingbird skirt (and dress!) from eShakti for years. A hummingbird skull necklace matches the skirt. These MIA wedges are very similar to a pair on Modcloth that I've also been in love with for a long time, but they are much cheaper.

A field trip set! This is the only field trip based set that I made. Should I make more?


  1. I am sorry to hear about the budget cuts at your district. We are anticipating more in my district too. It is a really trying time right now to be an educator. I hope that it all works out for you next year for a full time position.

    I agree that dressing nicely shows that you care about your job, and the kids and parents notice it too.

  2. I really like the first set, I think I'd dress like that if I were a teacher.


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