Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yes, she matters to you

Top: Just My Size
Skirt: Dickies, secondhand
Tights: We Love Colors
Flats: American Eagle, thrifted
Awesome stylish name badge courtesy of my job

I know you wouldn't think so to look at it, but this outfit was sooo uncomfortable. First of all, the skirt is a pencil skirt with no back slit, and though I wore it before and enjoyed it, today I had to do a lot of getting up and down from sitting on the floor, and it was way too restrictive.

The major disappointment about this outfit, however, were the undergarments. I wore these brand new maroon We Love Colors tights along with a pair of Luvees, and the experience was awful. The We Love Colors site doesn't mention anything specific about the difference between the $5 and the $15 plus size tights, so I went ahead and got three pairs of the $5. Big mistake. These were already starting to bag when I got out of the car this morning, and at the end of the day you can see how they turned out (if you can't, just click on the image for the larger version).

I wore the Luvees over the tights, hoping to eliminate that "swish swish" in addition to getting rid of pain from my thighs rubbing together. Well, I don't know if I need to go down a size or if it was because of the baggy tights or my pencil skirt being too tight, but the Luvees rode up between my thighs just like any old pair of shorts and exposed my thighs to rubbing.

I was really disappointed, because several bloggers have sung the praises of Luvees, including Lilli, whose style I greatly admire. I was so excited to get my WLC tights and my Luvees because I thought it was going to be cute skirts from here on out. Boy, was I wrong!

The tunic/shirt is actually soft and super comfortable, but maybe I will belt it next time. Any other suggestions on how I can improve this outfit?

Today's song: Part of this 8track playlist by Tavi, which I can't stop listening to!


  1. I have heard from multiple people that the $5 tights from We Love Colours are horrible. I think it's something to do with the amount of spandex in them or something. You do look adorable, but I'm sorry you were so uncomfortable!
    Loving the Reflection

  2. WLC just posted a link on Facebook today which led me to this portion of their site: http://www.welovecolors.com/Info/GuidePlusSizedTights.aspx

    Why they don't have that information listed on the actual page where they sell the tights, I don't know. I spent quite some time clicking back and forth trying to figure out what the difference was before I bought the cheap ones.

    I'm glad you think I looked cute even if I had wrinkly ankles!

  3. I think a black skirt and belting the tunic would work wonders!

    Thanks for blogrolling me


  4. Thank you, Angela! I love your style so I really appreciate your feedback.


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