Friday, October 22, 2010

We play pretend

October 21, 2010
Sweater: Old Navy
T-shirt: Old Navy
Pencil skirt: Dickies, secondhand
Tights: Walmart
Boots: Vintage, via Ebay

Did anybody read this post over at Fab Finds Under $50, and wonder who got those awesome boots for $20?

grey roper boots

It was me! And here are the boots! They aren't even black like the UO boots, but grey, which I think is much cooler. I wanted to wear them as soon as I got them, so this is the outfit I threw together.

My pictures seem really dark to me. I'm sorry if you can't pick out the details. The tights actually have a pattern that didn't show up at all. Maybe I need to start taking them outside again.

Today's song: Neon Trees - Animal

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