Thursday, October 21, 2010

Spirit Day


For Spirit Day I wore a purple sweater vest I bought this weekend at Ross. One of my co-workers and at least one of the teachers who works at the middle school where I go do programs also wore purple today for Spirit Day.

For the past week I have been trying to be really mindful of the way that I speak to the 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls at the middle schools where I work, to make sure I'm using inclusive language and not constantly making heteronormative references. Today one of my co-workers addressed a question one of the girls had asked about sexual harassment and made sure to mention that harassment can be same-gender as well as opposite-gender.

I also shared a story with them about how a girl was trying to pick a fight with me in middle school, so I went to a trusted adult for help, who happened to be my French teacher. I hope that sharing a personal story made the message get through a little clearer as I encouraged them to seek help, just like I did, if they are being bullied.

I am feeling sickly, lonely, and not very self-confident, so you only get a headshot this time. I don't know where I got the hat, I've had it for years. The cowrie shell necklace is from Claire's.

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