Saturday, December 18, 2010

Talk about pop musik

December 18, 2010
Sweater: Coldwater Creek Outlet ($19 or so)
Shirt: Target (five years ago)
Jeans: Dots ($9)
Flats: American Eagle via Ross (two years ago)
Necklace: Hot Topic ($10)
Socks: IDEK

Despite containing similar pieces (sweater layered over a shirt, skinny jeans, flats), this outfit is much more "me" than the last one I posted. Still no black, aside from the socks, but the colors are darker and I think the stitching on the jeans makes it a little more edgy and interesting. Plus nothing says "me" more than my t-rex necklace.

Also, thank you blog-o-sphere for letting me know it was okay for fat chicks to wear skinny jeans. I was afraid of wearing these for the longest time, then I finally spotted myself in a full-length mirror in them and realized I look pretty cute!

I have been wearing the crap out of these shoes, and I know they look kind of odd since they are weird and fabric-y, but they are so comfortable! It doesn't make sense because they have no support whatsoever, yet they're more comfortable than a lot of my other flats. I guess because they are just like going around barefoot.

♫: M - Pop Musik

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