Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The future's so bright...

I have started getting a better hang of Polyvore and have been really enjoying putting sets together. When I saw Polyvore was running a contest titled "The Year is 2050: What Will You Be Wearing?" I went looking for a dress to use on Asos, saw this white one, and was immediately inspired to do a set based on the Michael Bay film "The Island." Here is a trailer if you've never seen it.

"The Island" is one of those movies that nobody else liked but me. But I just love futuristic and post-apocalyptic movies and I think the visuals in "The Island" with it being so slick and shiny really appealed to me.

I was really disappointed with the other entries because I think a lot of the other folks really missed the train on this one. There was even one titled "Autumn Fashion of 2010." Now what does that have to do with the future?

What do you think people will be wearing in 2050?

1 comment:

  1. Forget what I'll be wearing, I want to be drawn on the grid!!! I like your Polyvore. A movie that no one else in the world likes sounds like my kinda movie, The Island.. I'll have to remember that. What are you gonna be wearing in autumn 2050? CRANBERRY? :p


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