Sunday, December 12, 2010


I don't think I ever mentioned this before, but I play roller derby! At least, I used to. I quit skating in January when I found out my dad had cancer and haven't really been back on the track since. But I volunteered as an official at the bouts - I've been an official at every home bout for my league since June or July of 2009.

I love those girls. I love my league. I think about derby almost every day. Maybe it's about time I put my skates back on.

Anyway, this is my league:

So, yes. Occasionally my style consists of tiny shorts and knee pads. Got a problem with that?

♫:Kelly - Text Message Break-Up - explicit lyrics warning


  1. I think that's pretty amazing! I've seen only a movie on roller derby and that is "Whip It" starring Ellen Page. I can't skate and i admire people who can do it well!

  2. Put your skates back on and get back in there. :)


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