Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I believe in everyone.

November 30, 2010
Button down shirt: Avenue ($10)
Layering tank: Old Navy ($3)
Dress: Old Navy ($4)
Belt: From another dress
Shoes: American Eagle via Ross ($12? $16?)

I got this dress on clearance a while ago in a brick and mortar Old Navy store. I used to avoid shopping there because I assumed nothing would fit, but lately whenever I go in I can usually find some things I can wear, such as this dress (in XL, not even XXL!) and sweaters and things. And even though I've probably gained ten pounds since I bought it, it still fits. And it has pockets!

The layering tee is also off the shelf at Old Navy, it's an XXL. They were doing a great sale this weekend and I bought several things - for me!

What worked: I was comfortable for the most part, and I really like how this ended up working. This is probably the most layering I've ever done - I was wearing purple bike shorts also that you can't see to protect from chub rub and to keep me from flashing everybody as I sat on the gym floor. Despite all the layers I didn't have to adjust it much.

What didn't: The dress kept riding up as I walked. It wasn't awful, but it bothered me. The belt got on my nerves a little bit, also - you can see that it is a bit skewed in this picture. I kept fiddling with it all day. Also I was SO FRICKIN' COLD. I was going to wear my grey roper boots with this but didn't want to fiddle with them this morning, but the boots at least would have kept my ankles from freezing.

♫: Joanna Newsom - '81


  1. Wow, see.. this is really why I'm blogging. To meet and read about people like you. You're amazing.. just for believing in everyone. And you know what I totally believe it, and you're just so good.

    Like really, really good. /hearts

  2. Oh and it must have been freezing!!

  3. What a gorgeous skirt! I love the blue and yellow print. One of my fav color combos.

  4. Love that print!!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

    I advocate the poncho…


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