Thursday, October 28, 2010

Speak to me in a language I can hear

I wasn't even going to post pictures of this outfit, but when I got to work I saw myself in a full length mirror (which I don't have at my house) and thought, "Hey, I look pretty good!"

But when I got home from work, it was too late for me to take a picture outside, so I decided to be extra classy and take a bathroom pic, dirty mirror and all.

October 28 2010

I thought I'd kick my leg up a la By Hillary, but I thought it would be too much effort to show you my unimpressive old black Sketchers.

But then I started going through my blogroll, and saw this post on Nubia's Nonsense. I looked at the photo of her posing on the bathroom sink and I thought, "Hey, I can do that!"

October 28 2010

T-shirt: Old Navy
Sweater vest: Some label I never heard of, via Ross
Trousers: Gloria Vanderbilt via Ross, purchased with the gift card I won from Sarah at Classroom Chic!
Necklace: (in the first picture) Claire's
Bracelet/Watch: (in the first picture) Walmart
Pins on sweater: Zombie Hello Kitty from Hot Topic, vintage Girl Scouts pin
Barettes: drugstore
Shoes: You can't see them, but they look like this

Stay classy, Ms. Ten.

Today's song: Smashing Pumpkins - Thirty three

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