Monday, August 23, 2010

Where the streets have no name

I accidentally deleted my last post on the topic but, yep, I'm still homeless.

I have been homeless for about a month. I blew all of my money staying in a really seedy hotel and driving around because I didn't have much else to do. I ended up having to buy a new AC adapter for my laptop because the last one died, and while I was waiting for that to show up, I paid my library fines so I could use the computers at the library.

It is stinking hot in Texas and sleeping in one's car here is no joke.

Here are a couple of articles related to the topic that I found pretty interesting.

Internet cafe refugees - no friends or prospects, and only a cubicle to call home. Compared to sweating it out in an old SUV, an internet cafe doesn't sound too bad.

A homeless man lived in a New Jersey library for 2 weeks before anybody noticed (and only because he was stealing food). Living in a library would be great. I love libraries! You'd never run out of reading material! Speaking of which... you heard about the Homeless at NYU guy, didn't you? Old news, but still interesting.

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Where the Heart Is is one of my favorite books, though I think the movie had a slightly better ending. It's related to the topic because the main character, Novalee Nation, ends up living inside a Wal-mart after being abandoned by her boyfriend until she's taken in by the friends she's made in a strange town.


  1. I know this post is a month old, what is the update? I am so sorry you are living in your car! Hope this is very temporary!

  2. I am staying with a friend right now but I still don't have my own place.


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